Dear John Dewey community members and prospective parents:
Our school has a vision to enhance leadership, character and service of young individuals to become responsible and productive members of society. The institution represents educational excellence in all aspects of its operation. Our school philosophy commits us fully to the notion of a holistic, rounded education, which stands on the roots of the arts and sports as well as academics. We are equally committed to the notion of our students becoming adults who have a moral commitment to making our world a better place as reflective, caring, knowledgeable and principled people. No doubt, the God is creative in creating every child as unique, and we know each of them is special and important. We remain non-selective in our admissions policy, confident that it is not the intellectual ability alone that determines an individual’s worth or contribution to the betterment of our world.
Earlier in 2014, when I took up the role of Principal, I reviewed the School’s areas of strengths and weaknesses. The data produced from this extensive review showed us to be a school with many strengths, including an outstanding sense of community, and an unusually strong level of commitment and involvement from our parent body. The data also revealed that, following a time of very rapid expansion in school numbers, it was now time to focus more strongly on quality issues, particularly pertaining to the strength of the academic and sports programs.
In the pages of this website “About Us” you will see many strategies and goals that we have set ourselves in the realisation of our vision. I have absolutely no doubt that we shall achieve our goal, and will be able to demonstrate to ourselves and the public through objective data that JOHN DEWEY has moved to another level of quality and achievement.
I am grateful to the many staff, students and parents who have had either direct or indirect input into what the school has achieved and continues to achieve further milestones. I am pleased that we are already making more than satisfactory progress in the achievement of our goals. The students themselves must remain at the centre of our vision, with the understanding that our schools exist for one single purpose; to enable each student to achieve their best possible future.
I invite and welcome the input, energy and passion of all our stakeholders in the realisation of our Vision, Mission and Goals.
Kumar Thapa