At John Dewey, we engage students in diverse co-curricular activities that complement academic learning which in turn enhances students' overall development.

We offer a wide range of co-curricular activities that foster teamwork, and physical fitness, and promote discipline and grace. Participating in physical activities builds physical stamina, and strategic thinking skills and instills discipline.

Vocals and instruments stimulate creativity and foster musical aptitude and discipline. Calligraphy enhances fine motor skills and attention to detail. Engaging in activities such as Zumba promotes fitness and rhythm.

Additionally, acquiring digital literacy skills, learning languages like Spanish and Chinese, honing DIY abilities, and participating in drama, collectively contribute to a well-rounded skill set, fostering cognitive, emotional, and social development in students. Combining these activities contributes to a holistic educational experience, empowering students with both physical and verbal skills essential for personal and professional growth.



Music and Instruments




French Class

Admission Open For Grade 1 to 9