John Dewey School follows Nepal's standard curriculum as the pointer with an eye on global standards. Students until grade IV don't do any exams or study any set of particular textbooks. In other words, we have a contemporary curriculum that draws in multiple resources and regular assessment approaches. There is a high focus on reading both as a habit and a skill with arts and music not considered any less important than Science or Mathematics. Our curriculum doesn't and can't intend to make students specialists. However, our curriculum guarantees every student will have meaningful time at school as we embrace diversity.

From one perspective, the curriculum is relatively light and slow-paced. This is because we value the process of learning equally or even more important than the contents alone. Students don't learn a topic or content in order to be able to reproduce it in exam. They are given opportunity to see the relevance of the content in their real life, attempt to use it in their own unique way, share with each other and relate it to scopes beyond its limit. And, from another perspective, the curriculum is robust because they do a variety of things and relate to numerous areas while staying on one simple topic.

Every grade has a standard learning outcome outlined in our detailed grade by grade, subject by subject curriculum. Parents and interested stakeholders are welcome to offer suggestions to our curriculum as long as they add value to progressive education pedagogies.