Spirit of Sportsmanship

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March 2, 2017
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Spirit of Sportsmanship

Spirit of Sportsmanship (2)

Sport’s Day taught us teamwork, competition, accepting defeat, and the true spirit of sportsmanship

Too much play makes Jack dumb, but too much study makes Jack dull. An ideal child needs to be fit mentally, emotionally, and physically. Sports and physical education are as important as books are, and they cannot be eliminated from a student’s life.

This sports day taught a lot more than just running fast. It has taught us teamwork, competition, accepting defeat, and the true spirit of sportsmanship. Sports are an inseparable aspect of our lives, and the annual sports day is the clear evidence to that.

Our 6th annual sports day was held on the January 4, 2017, Saturday. It was comprised of a lot of games like running race, obstacle race, marathon, tug of war, fill the bottle, spoon water, long jump, relay, shotput, zig-zag race, and so on. I participated in the long jump and marathon, although I really wanted to be in the three legged race, relay, and tug of war.

There was an air of enthusiasm amongst the students a week before the sports day. Seniors were fixing the flags, mascots, batches. Kids were washing their shoes and arranging the jerseys. But, most of all everyone was practicing their game, with a hope to win the maximum number of medals and lead their houses to victory.

Finally, after a week of excitement, practice, restlessness and hope, the sports day finally arrived on Saturday. Children came to school, with balloons, streamers and there decorations welcoming them, the tracks set and the eyes set on the dazzling trophy. The guests started arriving, the chairs started filling. Then, exactly at 10:30, a flurry of colors marched in the fields, carrying flags, mascots soaring high, and an urge to take home all the gold and silver possible.

The march past was followed by the national anthem, school song, and the oath taking ceremony, promising equity, sportsmanship, respect, and teamwork. After these, our principal, Kumar sir declared the sports day OPEN, and the children jogged back to their stations, bubbling with impatience to show off their skills.

The competitions started taking place, medals were given, and hands were shaken and cry of. “Hurray!” “Yay!” along with the lot of other hooting could be heard. The parents were clicking pictures, cameras repeatedly flashing in search of the best angles, teachers running in and out to find the participants, and Miss Urbashi’s voice in the microphone congratulating, calling, and announcing could be heard. Clearly, the sports fever had gotten over them all. Everyone was enjoying the environment of competitions, the activeness and the will to participate from the students. There was a new energy in the air that day.

A lot of children were also hurt, but the first aid kits were always there. A lot of children also cried when they lost, but the supporting friends were always there. And, the snacks and juice stations gave energy to get up again. Everyone was enjoying the sports day, even if they didn’t win.

Even the parents and the teachers took part in the games at end. There were races between parents, and teachers and also a tug of war, where the teachers (as usual, and as expected) lost, in five seconds flat. There were food stalls and refreshments as well.

The sports day brought life in everyone. The best thing about it was that everyone enjoyed themselves, even if there were a few tears or a few drops of blood in between. We met a few old friends, people we knew, ate, laughed, played, ran, fell, got up again, cried, wiped the tears, laughed, cheered and learnt.

We learnt what no book could teach us. We learnt to compete ourselves, to do better than what we did yesterday, to play with the spirit of sportsmanship and equity. But, above all, the races, encouragements, jumps, and expectation, taught us, that, participation is more important than winning.

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