Students learn to debate

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Spirit of Sportsmanship
March 2, 2017
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Students learn to debate


Marks do not reflect a student’s intelligence

by Khyatee Atolia

To convince someone about something, a proper logic and facts are required. The art of speaking clearly, organizing your points and reflecting the opponents are mandatory. Those were some of the many things we learnt, through the Inter-House Debate competition, held on the February 20, 2017.

The logic for our first debate competition was “Marks do not reflect a student’s intelligence” which is my opinion was well chosen and extremely significant. The subject is indeed a major issue in the development of a student as well as the society.

All the students participating were filled with excitement and enthusiasm, gathering as much information as possible within the limited amount of time left before the competition. A lot of research work was done through many resources, like the internet, various books, and consulting several people.

This also helped vastly in improving our knowledge and the skills of listening, analyzing and coming up with reasonable and relevant points for you sides of the debate.

After a week of hard work and practice put in by the students and teachers, the final day arrived.

The stage was beautifully decorated, and the microphones were set. There was excitement and enthusiasm in the air, while the children waited avidly to see the most interesting competition and to witness their friends speaking. Despite all of this, I felt a little bit nervous, having prepared really less. However, as I reached the stage, I realized I was not the only one feeling that way. My fellow participants were also anxious for the competition to begin.

But soon enough, after a warm welcome from our MC’s and the friendly smiles from the audience, we all felt calmer and more composed.

Then, we were introduced to our judges, Mandira Raut, Former Director of Nepal’s top 7 debaters and our Principal Kumar Sir, who were both very just wise and equally fair.

As the competition started, children started speaking and the bells started ringing, a more comfortable and warmer environment started to build. Everyone did an extraordinary job, the points so well collected and the arguments carefully placed, it would’ve been the hardest job deciding the winner.

There were two rounds in the competition, the first one where you introduced the topic, and started your point, and the second one where you had two minutes to refute the opponents’ points with a good logic. This was where our skills of critical listening and rapid analyzing were highlighted.

After both the rounds were final over, all the participants breathed a sigh of relief, with a feeling of an unknown satisfaction, leaving the stage with a mixed feeling of an unknown satisfaction. Leaving the stage with a mixed feeling, we then exchanged warm words and praised our friends, reflecting our warm feelings towards one another.

The results were soon disclosed, and were the most unexpected ones. However, we had learned and gained so much about debating while preparing for the competition and on the day itself, winning or losing was secondary. It honestly made no difference at all.

You see, for we had discovered so many new things and had acknowledged such a variety of facts and perspectives, our powers of reasoning and critical thinking had certainly developed very.

We had learnt a lot more than just speaking in front of the microphone. The whole competition had contributed to bring a change in our personality. It had motivated us to do better, at the same time providing platform to our speaking abilities. Here at John Dewey, we develop our skills, and learn more than just mugging up.

Competitions like this one always propel us to work harder, prepare us for the endless challenges we are yet to face. Hence, I pursue my readers to focus on the skill development and learning, instead of just some marks we get through mugging for, marks do not reflect a student’s intelligence.

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