John Dewey by 2020 is not and will not become a large school by world’s best standards, but will aim for measured, sustainable growth. We will strive for absolute excellence in every school education endeavor we engage in. John Dewey will persistently maintain and enhance the unwavering reputation for quality in imparting school education we presently enjoy. Education means more than the perusal of a specific course of study. It has to do with the whole being. It is the harmonious development of the physical, mental, social, and spiritual powers. True education trains youth to be thinkers, and prepares the child for a life of service. Our educational objectives are:

  • To teach each student so he/she may experience challenge, success and academic excellence.
  • To encourage each student to develop self responsibility.
  • To stimulate each student to think, reason and solve problems.
  • To prepare students for living, with emphasis on development of independent living skills.
  • To encourage active participation in community, with opportunity to develop leadership skills and good citizenship qualities.

By 2020, we will be
  • transforming lives: developing curious, creative and confident individuals
  • ranked among the top schools in the Kathmandu Valley with evolving national repute
  • an inspirational and supportive experience for students delivering high student/ parent satisfaction and academic excellen
  • ce
  • delivering our teaching in collaboration with national/ international partners of academia
  • a school with sustainability at the core of all we do, meeting world-class standards of school education
  • a welcoming community that is a great place to work and study
  • using technology to manage school operations and teach students to use technology productively
  • employing smart marketing tools and public relations campaigns to stay in touch with existing prospective market
  • integrating arts and research as primary tools of education model to ensure our students strive in the 21st century world

Besides, we plan to venture into horizontal integration by introducing International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program in the year 2018. In case IB is not deemed appropriate, any higher secondary equivalent that is deemed suitable will be introduced.