Science Lab

The science lab at John Dewey School is a space designed to foster hands-on learning and scientific exploration for students. It is equipped with a variety of academic resources and tools to enhance the understanding of fundamental physics and chemistry principles.

Key Features

Safety Measures

Basic Apparatus

Experiment Stations

Inquiry-Based Learning


The ICT lab at John Dewey School is an innovative learning space designed to introduce students from grades 1 to 10 to the world of technology and digital literacy. Equipped with a range of academic resources and tools, the lab serves as a hub for interactive learning, fostering both foundational skills and more advanced concepts.

Key Features

Educational Software

Regular Updates and Maintenance

Projector Support

Internet Access

School Library

The John Dewey School Library is a vibrant and welcoming space, designed to cultivate a love for reading, research, and lifelong learning among students from grades 1 to 10. With an extensive collection of resources and various academic tools, the library serves as a hub for intellectual exploration and academic growth.

Key Features

Diverse Book Collection

Reference Materials

Reading Programs


The cafeteria at the John Dewey School is a vibrant and welcoming space designed to enhance the overall dining experience for our students. Thoughtfully planned and executed, our cafeteria reflects our commitment to creating an environment that fosters community, nourishment, and a positive atmosphere.

Key Features

Healthy and Balance Food

Flexible Layout

Ample Seating

Cleanliness and Hygiene


The John Dewey School is committed to providing safe and reliable transportation services for students in grades 1-10 and grades 11-12. Our transportation facilities are designed to ensure a secure and comfortable commuting experience for all students.

Key Features

Flexible Routes

Well-Ventilated Interior

Emergency Exit Procedures

Regular Maintenance

Dedicated and Certified Nurse

Our certified nurse at John Dewey School embodies our commitment to student health. With expertise and compassion, she ensures a safe environment and offers reassurance to students. From minor ailments to wellness guidance, she plays a vital role in our community's welfare.

Key Features

Exceptional Care and Support

Compassionate Approach

Commitment to Student Health

Safe and Nurturing Environment

Admission Open For Grade 1 to 9